DEPONEST – Price list of software escrow services

DEPONEST - Price list - motiv

Our basic services are formed by a complex of activities necessary for the minimal but satisfactory deposit of source codes. Following are the main activities included in the Basic Escrow Services packet:

  • creating a tailored agreement based on existing contractual relationships;
  • technical consultations on depositing a given type of software;
  • check of integrity of the received data;
  • verification of completeness of all the items according to the inventory;
  • verification of other conditions agreed on (e.g. file sizes);
  • antivirus scan;
  • output report with all the files in the archive;
  • deposit update two times a year.
first yearfollowing years
basic services
three-party software escrowEUR 1,450EUR 950
two-party software escrowEUR 1,050EUR 850
additional services
technical verificationEUR 40–100 per hour
extra safety software escrowEUR 330EUR 350
extraordinary update of depositEUR 470EUR 470
adding another licensed productEUR 470EUR 350
* depends on the programming language

VAT not included in these prices.

All the prices in EURO.