Dispel fears of your clients and protect your know-how

Software developers - motive

The aim of the software escrow is to minimize the risks related to the development and maintenance of information systems. This service provides a safe deposit of sources codes of software applications by an independent party – an escrow agent – based on a three-party agreement between the user, software producer, and escrow agent. If the conditions agreed on (bankruptcy of the supplier or violation of the SLA) are fulfilled, the contract entitles the escrow agent to release the source codes to the user with the aim of continuing in the maintenance and development of the software with some other partner.

Secure source codes is a priority

Thanks to many years of our experience with development, we are aware of the risks a software producer has to face during any manipulation with source codes. Several times we have been forced to refuse a contract because delivering source codes was supposed to serve as certain guarantees. Therefore, the worries of the producers that their know-how could be revealed are our main motivation to focus on technological security of our software escrow services.
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Efficient and safe deposit of source codes

Clients usually contact software producers and require their source codes in order to ensure that their information system will run and develop in future. There is an acceptable solution to use a notary deposit offered by lawyers. However, these services are often costly and risky in terms of manipulating with source codes, and they are very inflexible due to the necessity to regularly manipulate with the media (CD and flash memories). Also, not always are they able to do what they are required to due to their limited reliability and longevity of the deposited media. It is obvious that in situations like this contacts are often refused by either the supplier (their know-how may get revealed) or the client (higher costs of the deposit).

DEPONEST offers software escrow services to technologically ensure protection of source codes from revealing or loss during the whole process of deposit. As a team of IT specialists very well experienced in software development, we are also able to provide additional services, such as code review on various levels.

Software escrow as a competitive advantage

When deciding about investments in information systems, your clients also assess the risks related to subsequent maintenance and technical support of the applications. They assess your ability to maintain the required quality of your services in the long run. In case the business activities of your clients directly depend on the demanded software, this factor plays a significant role in final decision making about the order.

The guarantees following from introducing the software escrow in a contractual relationship may become an important argument for the final decision of the supplier. By actively offering the escrow services within your contract you strengthen the client’s confidence in your common goal – to provide and support software which is the subject of the contract.

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